Saturday, 29 May 2010

Back in blog seat - it's getting lively out there...

It's been a while - 6 months in fact - since I last posted on this blog. This is largely due to lots of activity in the day job and a preference for Twitter as a platform for comment and sharing of useful links etc... (you can follow me on here). I've also published a number of articles in printed journals/magazines and been remiss in posting up here due to the now confusing delay between writing and publication (so much more instant online but you know that already).

Anyhow, I am back in the blog seat and will start with referencing a couple of recent posts from Charles Jennings and Donald Clark. Charles tackles an important point about the difference between instructional design and interactivity design and its effect on long term learning and performance support. Donald lays out some techniques to tackle the longstanding poor levels of retention that result from most learning/training activities.

I've been promoting these ideas for some time and thought it would be useful to supplement these recent posts with some still very relevant articles I wrote dating back to 2006 when I put forward the concept of "Less Learning More Often" while in the US with Charles and many discussions with Donald over the years.

Links are below and would welcome your comments as usual.

Less Learning More Often

Transfer of Learning - Missing in Action

Ubiquitious Performance Support

Also a slide deck that promotes consideration of the spacing effect:

Lars Hyland Webinar 090709 Re-inventing the E-learning Experience